our systems

Ground Truth

An advanced analytical system for ground radar imagery that relies on image pattern recognition and statistical analysis for interpretation. 


Developed under UK Government technology funding (SMART and Innovate UK) the system provides powerful capability for determining ground truth at depth. 


Archaeology, contaminated land, construction and mineral deposits are some of the applications that have benefited.

Material Science

This is a knowledge system that integrates state of the art information on mineral processing, material properties, operational intelligence, data analytics, sensor capture information and dynamic simulation capability.


Designed to optimise tungsten and tantalum plants as an output from the Horizon 2020 OptimOre Project funded by the EU (grant no. 642201)


PROTECTOR-CMT© is an innovative monitoring and control system specifically designed for underground tourism facilities including caves, mines and tunnels.


Based on people-related operational expert control technology developed with support from the European Commission's FP7 programme, the system combines cost effective artificial intelligence to drive a scalable map environment and supporting database on a web paradigm.



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