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The backbone to our capability is constant innovation and research funded by national government departments and the European Union. We provide advanced data, image and mesh analysis to derive decision making rules and relationships. Where additional data is required we will help with the acquisition using sensors, monitoring devices, behavior and decision elicitation methods, etc. This approach has allowed us to develop new processing and analysis systems.


We have brought successful and cost effective solutions to financial institutions, local and regional government departments as well as private companies and individuals in a diversity of worlds.


We serve a wide range of customers ranging from creative individuals to innovative international institutions.


Our diligence and approach is always the same combining present day knowledge, leading technology and the best professional skills available.


Our focus is on providing solutions and satisfaction. Many of our customers were with us when we embarked on our mission over 20 years ago.


archaeology and conservation

We have helped to make worlds from the distance past visible and known using a variety of physical investigation techniques, advanced data analytics and 3D modeling and simulation both in the UK and overseas.


We have worked with construction companies, local authorities and conservation groups such as English Heritage.


We have applied our systems and methods to a wide range of environmental challenges. Contaminated land, surface and groundwater problems, gas and emissions, risk management and compliance amongst others. 


We have worked with international stakeholders such as the World Bank, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, National and local governments as well as private operators and individuals.



We have a long history of improving the extraction and utilisation of minerals and other natural resources. From exploration through development, operation and rehabilitation of mining and other mineral extraction processes we have helped to gather and analyse decison-making information.


Sustainability and recycling are key elements of our thinking and have driven the way we have supported our customers.

people and behaviour

The actions of people are almost always a key component of the challenges we meet. Our knowledge systems acknowledge that people can only make the right decisons based on correct and current information combined with the ability to interpret and extrapolate. Understanding decisions and behaviours forms the cornerstone of many of the solutions we provide for health and safety management, process control and operational efficiency.


We have worked with innovative industrial partners and funding agencies to get the best from the people they employ.

charitable activities

We have supported a variety of charities in the past. At present we are lending our skills and technologies to assisting big toes little toes a UK charitable incorporated organisation offering training, mentoring, licensing and resources for evidence-based Reflective Functioning and play interventions for families.



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